Jayne Brown began her career with Whitbread in operational management and from there into Human Resources, managing the Management Development and Training responsibilities for the Trading Division, supporting over 600 managers. Her next step was into Organisational Development as the Company restructured and cultural change was required. During this time she was instrumental in the design of the organisational change programme, to increase internal awareness of customer needs and strengthen the leadership competency required to take the Company forward.

Since then she has continued to work with senior managers on the top teams of several UK industry leaders, including British Aerospace, British Nuclear Fuel and retains her working relationship with Whitbread. Her international experience includes working on cross-cultural projects with Bristol-Myers Squibb. Specific change work has included the successful merger of Our Price with Virgin and Excel Logistics with the Logistics Division of the Whitbread Beer Company.

Her main interest is in facilitation of senior teams and individuals enabling them to more effectively manage organisational and cultural change, through a wider awareness of the options open to them and knowledge of the likely impact of each.